Draking Point Studios

Artist, Designer, Dreamranger: Drake Dunway

About Me



My name is Drake Dunaway and I'm an artist.

This is my hobby, my passion, my love, and eventually people started paying me for it. What else can I say? Well...I do enjoy collaborating with creative minds in advertising, illustration, writing, and political campaigns. I began in the realm of pencil renderings and new fonts pen and ink illustrations. With time, I progressed to chalk, paint, and eventually the leading-edge digital media of today. I generate signage, flyers, logos, marketing materials, book covers, illustrate comic strips, political cartoons, digital paintings, non-technical architectural renderings, portraits, caricatures, and much, much more. In addition to all that, I'm fluent in Castilian Spanish and I'm a whizz-bang writer. If you need something done, I'm your guy.